Worldwide Webster (online-Album)

Thomas Stabenow


Celebrating the great Ben Webster (1909-1973) and his fantastic recording with Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen from 1959

recorded 09.03.2024, mixed 15.04.2014 by Florian Oestreicher (Realistic Sound)

Stephan Holstein, Bassklarinette (1-4), Klarinette (5&6) – Heinz Frommeyer, Klavier – Oliver Mewes, Schlagzeug

double bass:
G-String: Pirastro Oliv
D, A & E Strings: Dr. Thomastik Spirocore light

Gretsch Round Bage Silver Sparkle 60er Jahre
20“ Bass Drum, 12“ Mounted Tom, 16“ Floor Tom, 6 1/2“ Gretsch Bronze Snare Drum
Istanbul Agop Mel Lewis HiHat 14, Zildjian Crash 70er Jahre Vintage 18“
Bosphorus 20th Anniversary Ride 22“, Two Rivets